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Hotel Miramare - Trieste

Our beach

Sunbathing in Trieste is a question of culture

For all Trieste inhabitants the sun and the sea are key elements of local identity. Everyone loves to sunbathe all day and to frequent beaches with piers from which they can dive straight into the water and swim without having to walk a long way, just as it is along the entire Adriatic Coast.

Obviously, this also goes for the lido with which the 4-Star Hotel Miramare has stipulated a special agreement. It is only 300 metres away from here and as guests of the hotel, you will have free access (without a sun lounger while the beach umbrella is not part of the Trieste bathing culture, for the abovementioned reasons).

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meets history and culture on holiday in Trieste

Unique sunset over the sea on the Adriatic coast

If there is one thing that is certain about the Adriatic coast, it is that, unfortunately, you can’t see sunsets over the sea, can you? Wrong, it IS possible. Because in Trieste, considering the particular position of the Gulf, sunsets can be seen!

Therefore, at the affiliated lido, you can sunbathe, swim, and in the evening, you can enjoy a unique sunset over the sea. This type of holiday is therefore extremely appreciated by couples who are looking for a romantic getaway, perhaps for a weekend of complete relaxation away from everyone and everything.

Silence reigns

An oasis of peace is waiting for you here, where nature reigns supreme. In fact, our affiliated beach is situated within the Marina di Miramare Nature Reserve in the Gulf of Trieste, therefore all activities that could possibly disturb the fish are forbidden.
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