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Miramare Castle

A 10-minute walk from the hotel and you will arrive at the former historical imperial residence of the House of Habsburg

There are those who visit palaces for their historical value and those who visit them for their architectural beauty. We can say that Miramare Castle is visited for both reasons.

Miramare Castle can be reached by continuing along Viale Miramare in Trieste, where the hotel is situated and with its compact, white building, it thrusts out over the sea from the Grignano promontory offering an enchanting panorama for all to see.

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Its origins

In 1855, following the acquisition of plots of land on the Grignano promontory, the Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg (the future Emperor of Mexico) decided to build a residence here that would exalt his rank.

As for the building design, to which the Archduke made his own personal contribution, took inspiration from a new style, a blend of various styles coming from the Neo-Medieval and Romantic eras. Alongside Gothic elements we can find those referring to the Renaissance period, all blended together in unique harmony that, for a long time, influenced other period residences situated on the banks of lakes and rivers.

After Maximilian’s death

After Maximilian’s death in 1867, Miramare Castle followed the changing fortunes under the Habsburg Empire, until it was governed by Italian administration until the end of World War I.

During World War II, it was occupied first by the Nazis and then by the allied troops and the Americans. Since 1955, it has hosted the “Miramare Castle Historical Museum” that is still open to the public.

Here you can visit several rooms with original furniture dating back to the 19th century and you can relax in the large, rich park surrounding the palace.

Visiting the Miramare Castle is an excellent idea in order to enrich your holiday in Trieste, all the more so because our hotel is only a stone’s throw away and it is extremely convenient.
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